Here I am!

Working hard - or hardly working?
My natural habitat is in front of a computer screen, alternativelly with my face in a sketchbook and a pencil in my hand. Sometimes I'm out in the nature, taking a, what humans call, "break".

I'm an freelancing illustrator, animator and comic book writer from Sweden. Nice to meet you!


Here's my website. Here you can find me on all websites I'm currently active on as well as see some of the work I do. You can see my portfolio, read about who I am or dive into my current projects.​ If you want to contact me you can find my e-mail and some other "good to know" information. Just use the tabs on the top of the page.


You can also find some secrets?

What? Who told you that?




I'm born and currently living in Blekinge - Sweden, but most (if not all) of my work is currently being handled via social media and the internet.
I've always been interested in children's media, especially cartoons and animated movies. There's a magic in animation that captivates me, making pictures and still things move and drawn pages coming to life. It's like magic!

I've also been interersted in theatre for the longest time, even though I nowadays have given up my own dreams of becoming an actress. Acting is fun, but I'm not that good at it and prefer to watch other people come to life in their characters instead. In 2015 I went to a theatre school in Bräkne Hoby for a year. Next year I attended a drama education study at the same school. The education lasted two years and I'm now a certified drama teacher. Even though I during that journey discovered that it's not a profession I want to go deeper into, I'm still incredibly grateful and thankful for those two years, as they have taught me a lot.
When It comes to art, I have no school or professional study to back me up (yet). Everything I do and have learned is self taught, either by people in my surroundings or by Youtube. I try to listen to those I admire and to constantly find new ways of improving my art, weather it's sketches, anatomy, water colour, animation or facial expressions. I love to learn!

My old school

I'm not sure what the future has in store for me, but I'm sure it has something to do with art. Because currently, my life is full of art. I create, I watch, I learn and I evolve. Art is in my blood, if I can't create then what's the point? Why feel unhappy with being normal when I can be myself AND happy at the same time?


My ultimate dream? To work for Disney / Pixar.

Thanks for your time!

- Emma "Emmaginative" Larsson

I Draw, Therefore I'm Alive


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