Current Projects

Beyond the Apocalypse

My comic is finally live!

"Beyond the Apocalypse" has been in the making for five years. Up until now I haven't felt that the time was right to release it on the internet. Now it's finally time.

The comic can be read on the OFFICIAL WEBSITE or on TAPAS. I'll post notices on my SOCIAL MEDIA (like Deviantart and Instagram) when I post new pages.


Music video


A comic based on the story of Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz. Will go live some time before 2019 is over.

At the moment I study animation by myself to get better and more fluent in the movements. As a challenge I started late 2019 to animate music videos and short clips to music (which includes animation memes).

In late 2019 I'll release one of those more serious music videos.

It's a bit early, but I'm always ready for Christmas. This December I'll post a somewhat interactive Christmas Calender.

Every day there'll be something new to find - a video, a sketch, a mini comic, a song - Who knows?


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