Where to find me?

My Youtube is where I post videos - Mostly animation. It's one of the websites where I am the most active and I try to upload as often as I can.

On Artstation I publish my latest paintings and art that I put a bit more effort into.


Big paintings and lots of details

with many hours put into each artwork


Instagram is the place where I upload the most frequently. As soon as I sketch or draw something new, Instagram is the first so know about it.


Here you can find me when I'm most relaxed.

I'm active now and again with gifsets, paintings or discussions about all kinds I find interesting.


My Patreon is still a very bare place on which I at times post new paintings, videos and sketches. I also at times post behind the scenes-material, extra paintings/videos and have exclusive livestreams with my Patrons.

I started being active on Deviantart in 2009.

This website helped me extremely much with improving my art in ways and in a pace I never thought were possible. Nowadays I'm not too active here, but my old drawings are still here

and now and again I upload things.


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